Falling back into the childhood with Humpty Dumpty


It’s already Christmas eve and the New year is coming! We are pretty sure that one of those is your favorite day of the year since the early childhood. Despite the age, childhood never ends for many of us.

So today we’re happy to send you our congratulations and to present a wonderful project that we were honored to participate in. Please, meet Humpty Dumpty Room Decoration! Behind this sophisticated name there is a talented polish designer Aleksandra Dobrzynska, who creates wonderful wallpaper for children.

3D-дизайн интерьера детской комнаты в Бресте и Минске, Humpty Dumpty Room Decoration

We helped Alexandra with visualization of her works and created series of the interiors of children’s rooms. You can see the results below in the post. Читать полностью…